Finding Love in the Transgender Community

Four months down, and I’m busier than ever in Mysore. No travel has been scheduled and my desk feels like there is no other place to be. The team at Public Health Research Institute of India (PHRII) has been supportive and creative when it comes to my project, helping the transgender community. I can sayContinue reading “Finding Love in the Transgender Community”

To Be Gay or Not To Be Gay

In 1994 a Middle East republic created a decree for laws title “Section eleven adultery, defamation; corruption of the moral” an article that follows: Homosexuality is the contact of one man to another through his posterior; both sodomites whether males or females are punished with whipping of one hundred strokes if not married. It isContinue reading “To Be Gay or Not To Be Gay”

Normal or Abnormal: Is it an International Word?

How do people define the words “normal” and “abnormal”? Are these words used often, are they insulting or is it common in society to use these words? By the Oxford dictionary, the word normal is defined as Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected (Oxford University Press, 2018) and abnormal as deviating from whatContinue reading “Normal or Abnormal: Is it an International Word?”

Making it Interesting

Finally FREE!! BUT LOTS OF WORK TO CONTINUE.   Understanding Social Networks Influence in Mumbai,India. The video helped my study to compared Mumbai minority population social cycle to Mysore resources. Self-Stigma, Education, and HIV Knowledge in Mysore, India Geraldine Cadet, Gabriella Cruz, Hector Peguero, and Alina Mitchell