Honors & Awards

Student Government Association Scholarship

Larry Lunsford Vice President for Student Affairs

FIU Annual Lavender Graduation 2020. LGBTQA Research of the Year


As a Fulbright Fellow, I had the opportunity to conduct my first funded research project in Mysore, India. The project was an extension of the research I conducted while participating in the Department of psychology Global Health Study Abroad Program in 2017 title: “Identifying Sexual Health Perceptions and Social Network Needs of Hijada in Mysore”


RA at The HDCI Research Lab with Dr. Dionne Stephens. Where we examined Hijra’s perceptions of HIV and other sexual health outcomes


Florida International University OSA Scholarship- OSA scholarship gave me the tools to start my research about the transgender community in Mysore, India allowing my study to have the funds necessary for research.


Global Health Study Abroad Program Fellow Summer 2017- The study abroad program gave me the opportunity to experience a research setting, data processing and collection, and how a research paper is properly writing. Also a presentation on HIV knowledge and HIV stigma was given in Mysore, India.


McNair Poster Presentation-“Even and HIV infected person can live 100 years”: Perceptions of HIV among Hijras in Mysore, India.

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