It is crucial to visit the Mysore Palace, as part of getting to know Mysore, India. The Mysore palace is the biggest and most important residency in this region. By gathering in front of the palace a noticeable support by the community is felt and a huge welcome is received. As part of a global health study abroad program it is important to understand the community culture, and the palace experience is a way of knowing how unity is important for India.

After a long second day in India we started class and got to meet the magnificent people that made this whole trip and the experiences possible for us. The Public Health Research Institute of India facilitated to us students the materials necessary to exchange ideas and understand India’s Health system.

As part of the Global Health Studies our mentors and the staff at PHRII decided to take us on a overnight train trip to a village. This experience allowed students to understand different environments and communities in India. It also opened our eyes to see how other areas in India survive with limited resources and still maintain a normal life.

From these pictures you can see FIU students enjoying serving one of the villages in Mysore, India. On this date we had the opportunity to get together and help doctors and nurses performing physical examinations and  cervical cancer tests for women with low socioeconomic status (SES) and no transportation. We also had the opportunity to interact with the community children and their schools.

This special picture was the highlight of my trip. Meeting the women (transgender) that will become part of my research and knowing that they felt the support from the PHRII staff. The first step is to help minority populations in Mysore, India and learn what their needs and necessities are.

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